Synergy Engage

It’s About Time

For every hour physicians spend with patients, nearly two hours are spent on clerical work, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine. Physicians report EHRs are difficult to use, that they spend less time with patients and that entering data into EHRs takes longer than writing a note on paper.

Synergy Engage by eCatalyst frees physicians from the keyboard, allowing them to talk with patients during the encounter, while capturing the rich clinical detail in your EHR. This patented, easy-to-use technology enables a virtual scribe to document the clinical information, but Synergy Engage is more than a scribe. Every encounter is reviewed to insure the most accurate clinical information is captured for ongoing care, quality reporting and billing. Physicians are alerted to record additional data when required. But Synergy Engage doesn’t stop there. Every encounter is coded, and the claim is edited to insure it is ready to be billed.

Physicians still use the EHR for the valuable assistance they provide in placing orders and for clinical alerts and reminders. And of course, providers approve and authenticate every entry.


This technology “allows me to see more patients each clinic day, and with accurate documentation and coding. I also get to go home shortly after my last patient and I do not have to do any work form home at nights or on weekends.” -Payam Shadi, MD Internal medicine at Cedars-Sinai

“Three out of four physicians believe electronic health records (EHRs) increase practice costs, outweighing any efficiency savings, and seven out of 10 think EHRs reduce their productivity, according to a Deloitte’s recent 2016 Survey of U.S. Physicians.”  -Deloitte Center for Health Solutions October 2016.

Synergy Engage Outcomes

With Synergy Engage, not only does physician satisfaction improve, patient throughput increases, decreasing the wait time for getting an appointment. That means happier patients and more office visits in the same amount of time. And patients are more satisfied with the appointment because the physician can now interact with them directly and not be tied to a computer keyboard.

And in the background a certified clinical documentation specialist and coder complete the record entering discrete data into the EHR and coding the encounter. And every coding episode is documented with a coding justification report explaining the coding levels assigned. This means no guess-work and no post-visit questioning the provider.

Increased patient visits and low startup costs means a fast return on investment. Patients wait less time for appointments and physicians spend less time documenting and coding.

Synergy Engage Benefits

1. Untethers physicians from keyboards
2. Documented encounter in your EHR
3. Professionally coded account
4. Ambulatory CDI—feedback provided to physicians
5. Increases patient throughput
6. Increases coding compliance
7. Increases physician satisfaction
8. Better data quality
9. Speeds revenue cycle