Revenue Recovery

From patient registration through denials follow-up, there are opportunities throughout your practice to improve your bottom line.

eCatalysts’ thorough approach assesses each critical step then implements industry best practice. eCatalyst’s Revenue Recovery process is focused on identifying opportunities for sustainable improvement of cash collection.


Revenue Recovery projects include:

  • Analysis of registration, eligibility, charge capture, credentialing, coding, billing, denials, and denials follow-up
  • Process documentation
  • Training for all staff involved in revenue stream
  • Dashboards to monitor progress, risk and results


eCatalyst Coding Curves benchmark your revenues against national averages and provides detailed analysis of Evaluation and Management Services through the use of coding curves.

  • A resource for risk mitigation or potential lost revenue due to inaccurate coding practices
  • Current coding and billing benchmarks
  • Prioritization of physicians for additional education regarding documentation and billing practices
  • Targets by physician or department to assign secondary coding review

“There are multiple causes for this (physician) dissatisfaction where it exists, including unpredictable reimbursement for services, excessive work burden and long hours, and excessive time devoted to non-clinical activities, including ‘paperwork.'” – Health Affairs Blog