Solutions for Physicians

At eCatalyst we know that physician practices are unique.  And a one-size-fits-all revenue cycle solution, just doesn’t work.  So we have a dedicated team of physician practice coders, analysts and compliance professionals to support your coding and revenue cycle needs.


Physicians don’t go to medical school to code.  Let our team of experienced certified coders free up your time and insure compliant, prompt coding so your practice is paid fairly and fast.  Onshore and offshore options are available.


You think your coding is accurate, but do you know for sure?  Why risk financial take back or loss of money owed to you, due to inaccurate coding?  Our audit results are professional, trustworthy and actionable.  And we will point out documentation omissions that may be impacting your bottom line.


In a busy physician practice your main goal is to take care of your patients, you may not have the time or expertise to solve all of the business and operational issues that get in the way of your success.  That’s where eCatalyst Consulting Services can help.

Revenue Recovery

Unsure why your practice isn’t earning the revenue you expect?  Scheduling more patients may not be the only option. eCatalyst’s Revenue Recovery process is focused on identifying opportunities for sustainable improvement in cash collection.

Education and Training

When the one-year grace period on ICD-10 is over will you be ready to assign the correct specific diagnosis code?  Have you never understood the E&M leveling?  You are not alone.  eCatalyst can provide onsite or remote training for the physicians in your practice to insure the most accurate codes are assigned for any specialty.