Master Patient Index Clean-up

Quality care, billing, reporting, it all centers around accurately identifying your patients and assuring that their clinical and financial information is complete.  Whether implementing a new EHR, merging organization, addressing the risk that duplicates create to patient care and financial success, eCatalyst can turn your MPI problem into a best practices success!

We work from start to finish:
  • Documenting processes
  • Confirming decisions rules
  • Performing analytics
  • Identifying candidates for electronic merge
  • Matching and merging records
  • Validating potential matches with thorough documentation review
  • Developing policy
  • Staff training

“Patient demographic data must be gathered more accurately and completely wherever patients are interacting with a healthcare facility and processes must be implemented to ensure that errors and duplicate records are corrected.”

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Patient Identification and Matching Final Report. February 7, 2014

eCatalyst’s MPI data integrity project is lead by a dedicated project manager who will be your key link to establishing and achieving project goals.  Using blended onshore and offshore resources we assure quality while providing you with a cost effective solution to this primary data quality challenge.

With each acquisition or merger you need to ensure the integrity of your patients’ information.  Start today with an MPI quality project.