Information Governance

Sleep better knowing your data is secure and working for you

Healthcare today is demanding both transformational and incremental change.  To achieve this, it is imperative that organizations make data-driven decision based on trustworthy information – data that is accurate, timely, accessible, consistent, safe and secure.  Data is a strategic asset for healthcare organizations – as important as personnel, physician, inventory, cash, building and equipment.

Trustworthy information is obtained through strong information governance.  Leaders that implement an effective information governance program provide their organizations a strategic advantage and improved performance.

eCatalyst’s information governance consultants:

  • Build awareness in your organization of the value of IG
  • Perform an in-depth IG maturity assessment
  • Focus you IG program on critical strategic issues
  • Improve access to your data
  • Help your organization gain the true benefits of your EMR investment
  • Align your existing governance structures with your IG goals to eliminate rework and accelerate results

Does you data help you understand not only what is happening but why?  Do you rely on your data to make strategic decisions?  Are your reports informative but not actionable?  An information governance program that adds immediate value while improving the underlying issues of access, reliability, scope and security may be exactly what you need.

eCatalyst and our partners help secure, cleanup and analyze your data.  We infuse sustainable IG principles and discipline into your existing operations, including KPIs for long- and short-term IG strategies.