Auditing Services

Stronger Coding Audits, Actionable Reimbursement Advice

Incorrect coding leads to compliance risk, reduced reimbursement and increased payer audits. And with ICD-10 every coder is on a learning curve making it critical that we verify the accuracy of coding and quickly identify areas for retraining.


eCatalyst audit experts deliver peace of mind by:
  • Identifying code assignment errors (under coding and over coding)
  • Auditing patient accounts for all patient types and healthcare settings
  • Delivering a professional coding audit report that is accurate, meaningful and immediately actionable

Our proven three-step approach to coding audits includes planning, auditing and sharing key findings and results.

eCatalyst auditors deliver actionable insights to improve processes and performance throughout your entire clinical coding team.

Coders say their quality hasn’t been impacted by ICD-10, but are you certain?